1. Alienated 526
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Written, composed, recorded and performed by Bryce Evans. All rights reserved Bryce Evans and BEME Records.


Well I don't know about you
This old world has got me down
I turn on the news nothing but this blues all about
I look to the sky for help
See them come right back around
Now they tell me when I'm right
Don't say nothing when I'm wrong
And I see them everywhere
Just hangin' around on the telephone
Somethin tells me
I've been going wrong
I've been gone wrong

I was workin' late one night
Just doin my job
When the skies parted
The lights came from up above
I saw a diamond in the sky
I saw the creatures
And they waved goodbye

Well I could tell you
This is all a lie
I could tell you
They look like every damn guy
But you won't believe me
Won't believe me cuz you think I'm crazy
I was so close you know
I could see the number right on the side


I see them everywhere
All over town
I see them everywhere
Just hangin' around by by by my my house