You Keep Telling Me the Effort.....

Will all pay off in the end. It certainly has been recently! Thank you to all my dear listeners and fans for the endless support you give me. Each release is getting bigger, going further, and creating more buzz. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT AND NEED! Keep spreading the word because it WILL pay off and someday I WILL play a show in a city near you. But I can't do it without your help! But you all know that already, that's why you are here reading the blog. Because you enjoy my craft and the fruits of my labor and I appreciate you for that. But that does not mean we can stop grinding, you and me both! We have to keep pushing, spreading the word, and making the music reach new people! Can you help me with that? Sure you can! Just sharing this post helps! But what helps are these few things: 

1. Share my Instagram channel with your friends. 

2. Add my song to one of your personal playlists and share that with your friends! 

3. Keep up the awesome support you already give! 

4. Give the new single a listen ON THE DAY IT DROPS! This helps spike the algorithm so much more than you think. If you can do all of this for me that's great! But just doing 1 thing from this list helps more than you realize. 

My last single has hit over 8k Streams since it was released on the 29th of April so THANK YOU for listening as much as you have! I have some great news about the release of my next single, "Grindstone" that I want to share. It's just as exciting as hearing that "hurricanes" hit over 8k streams! 

I was able to reach out to the same playlist holders for grindstone that I did for hurricanes, and luckily it got accepted to those same playlists! For those of you who don't know, this isn't a guarantee for ANYONE. As most of you know, playlists are like a dresser. Some people keep folded clothes in them, others keep books. You never know what's gonna be in one and each one has a different theme! Even though I write MY music it sometimes doesn't fit my genre. A great example of this is my song, "Your Way." Usually, I have this blues-rock grunge thing going on but that was a total off the hip country-pop-Esque song that did not know what it wanted to be when it grew up! So I am very excited and thankful to say that Grindstone was accepted onto most of the great playlists that helped "Hurricanes" reach its successful heights. Now the fun part begins! Keeping that momentum. 

For me, the week of a release is always a stressful, hectic, chaotic, and anxiety-filled time. So much to do and never enough time to do it all between my life and my music, things get busy. But I do it because the small accomplishments keep me going. The kind words I get from all of you. The opportunities that begin to appear with each new release are a blessing and I am so thankful for them. This time is a little harder because I am also working on finishing the next single slated to be released in a little over a month after grindstone. The balance is not easy but the work I'm doing I know.... will one day pay off in the end. It's just a matter of how and when will that transform in front of me. 

It has come to my realization that I am an inspiration to some people. This is really the goal and always has been for many many years. When people would ask me when I was younger, "Why do you want to play music for a living? There is no money in it and you most likely will never get famous." my response to that question would always be, "Because I want to inspire people like my Idol guitarists inspired me." That was it. I don't want the fame, the money would and will be nice enough to keep me afloat. Other than that I am a simple person. Give me what I need (maybe a guitar or 2 every year or so,) and I'm a happy camper! The main reason is that I want to inspire people to pick up the guitar. Maybe not even the guitar hell, I'll be happy if someone sees a post from me and it inspires them to go to work that day. The problem nowadays is no one dreams anymore. Everyone looks up to the boss' and the leaders and goes to work like a slave and chips away at the rock like a quarryman. But no one does that for themselves anymore. For their dreams and that is what I want to show people. If your mind can see it, your body can achieve it. The rain hammers through the rock not by force but by persistence. If you keep pushing and you NEVER GIVE UP..... You will achieve the goal. It has to happen. So stay focused and stay on your GRINDSTONE  because one day you will sharpen that knife enough that it cuts through the fabric behind which your dream stands. On that day I hope one of my songs is playing in the background for you when you cut that fabric. Because that will be my way of celebrating you. 

That's what this song is about. Don't stop. Dream. Be yourself. Accomplish the hell out of those goals. Don't take no for a fucking answer and don't stop. Keep busting those damn doors down, keep writing those songs, keep chasing that promotion even if it seems hopeless. Keep grinding on your grindstone. I hope you connect with this song and I hope it helps you keep going. 

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Grindstone comes out this Friday, June 10th, 2022. I hope you enjoy the song and I wish you the best with your goals. Go give it a listen on release day and BECOME INSPIRED. 




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