Working hard or hardly working?

Hello Dear Fans. I hope you all are well. This has been a busy month for me and it does not look like it's going to stop for the next month or so! Good problems to have I guess right? The calendar is booking up steadily and I'm making progress with the new song, writing new ones, and playing more than I ever thought possible. 

Very happy with my career change. Is it difficult? Hell yes! Is it trying? Hell Yes! Is it testing my every ounce of self-respect, discipline, and work ethic? You bet it is. But I can honestly say it is worth it! When I used to work a 9-5 job I would wake up every day and have to rush to get out of the house. Nowadays I focus on my health, and my well-being before I focus on money and I can honestly say this is the way things are supposed to be for me! Sure every day is a new and frightening step into the unknown but as they say, the comfort zone is where dreams go to die. The best piece of advice I ever got was to get comfortable being uncomfortable. That quote has changed my outlook on doing things that might frighten me. I can say with truth that I have done things for this career over the years that I saw coming. But once you step off and start to do it full-time things change drastically. Being uncomfortable with a lot of decisions is now the new norm. I suppose I best get used to it for only then will I thrive in my environment. I'm not a prone risk taker so for me to risk things now is a hard thing to manage. But it has paid off so far! 

As most of you know by now the new single is on the way. Thankfully I obtained confirmation last week that my song was accepted by the record company that owns the rights to the song so I will legally be allowed to release the song under my brand without any ramifications. This is great news! The hardest part about recording and producing a cover song for a full-scale release is that you do all this work upfront and then you might be denied rights. In which case, all the money, hard work, and most importantly time, your put into the song are now wasted and you have to go back to the drawing board. Starting over in that instance is difficult because you have FANS waiting on the next single. Luckily, that didn't happen this time and all is well! I will be releasing the release date EARLY for the fans on my mailing list within the next week. Only email list subscribers get the benefit of finding out early. The rest of the crowd has to wait until the release date is dropped, usually, a week before the song comes out. So go sign up for it today so you are in the know! You also get subscriber only discount codes, insights not shared on social media and tons of other goodies that come along with it! Behind the scenes photos and videos as they become available and special insights on the songs meaning when they come out. 

Once I took the step off the ledge amazing things started to happen. My favorite experience so far is from a brand new fan. This is a younger person and when I started my new Instagram account and posted a new reel they started interacting with my posts. So I just said hello and thanked them for following my account. The response I got was not expected. They said, "Not a problem, love your music and it's inspired me to release my own songs!" I'm a friggin sucker for inspiring people. It's a feeling like no other to be able to get someone to see their inner light of possibility. We had a conversation about my music and what their plans are for releasing music. They asked for some advice which I gave but it inspired ME.

This is what I have wanted to do since I can remember. My idol guitarists have influenced and inspired me to keep playing since I had my first guitar in one hand and an Eric Clapton album in the other. The inspiration game has been given to me so much over the years and it feels good to be able to pass that feeling on to other, younger musicians. I am SINCERELY grateful for the people who believe in me enough to see inspiration in me. Some days I feel like a fake, a failure, a fraud, and a horrible guitarist. But days like this help me to realize the ability and gift I possess and I cannot say how thankful I am for being able to do this. Keeping my ball rolling is tough sometimes but when I'm just grinding away at my grindstone and a shaving of my inspiration flys into the ether and reaches some random person and inspires them to do better it always can shock and awe me. So thank you to everyone who believes enough in me and my work to be inspired by it. 

Songwriting is going fantastic. I recently found a tool that helps with lyric writing. I found it and put it into implementation on an idea I had for a song the other day and what resulted wowed me! This song is by far one of the deepest and most true to the core songs that I have written since I wrote hurricanes in 2019. I'll admit, I'm not the best songwriter. I'm not the best singer. I'm a guitarist by trade and everything else followed due to the nature of the business. This tool and more education in songwriting theory has helped me to make this song. I'm crazy excited to share this one with all of you but It's far behind and I have a few more coming out before this one. But when It comes out I believe it can do EVEN BETTER than hurricanes did upon its release. Stay tuned for this song because it's gonna be a doozy. 

As always thank you for your support and I look forward to writing for you all in the near future about the next release! 


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