Stepping Off the Ledge

Hello Everyone. It feels like it's been forever since I last posted on the Gotham blog! Yet it has only been a little over a month! Crazy how Quickly how fast time flies. I have tons of news to share so buckle up for the next blog post!  

I have recently left my 9-5 and began to take on music full time. It's more of a challenge than I expected. At this point with so many bookings coming in and so many gigs to play, I don't have enough time to keep up with everything on my list! But I'll tell you this, it's way better than working a day job! Finally, the success of my dreams is starting to become reality. I woke up the other day to take my dog out. It was about 430AM and I remember that I looked around on the warm July morning and just breathed in the fresh morning air. Nowhere to go. No job to rush to, I could live as I want and do what I please. If the day needed me to work then I worked. If not then I am in control and for me, there is no better freedom than that. The fact that I have people coming to me to make music for them is great. I'm not making a killing but I'm certainly affording life and honestly, that's all that I need to do for now. So thank all of you for listening to or sharing my music. It's been so helpful.  

Wanted to update everyone on the status of the last 2 releases. Hurricanes is now at 11k streams! The most streams I've ever had to date. If you haven't had the chance to listen to it you can do so here. Hurricanes is by far the most played song in my discography. I'm very thankful for the people who helped me make it what it is. That is a special song. My latest release grindstone has over 3500 Streams. I couldn't be more thankful for the success I have had with my recent releases!  

There is a new song scheduled for release in the coming weeks. It is behind the usual 6-week schedule and I apologize for that but I promise it will be worth the wait. I took some time on this one and have been so busy with gigs this year that I have had my focus taken from my Instagram and my release schedule. As I start to get a handle on things again it will soon get back to normal and I will be releasing music like usual!  This next song is straight up rock and roll with the Bryce Evans twist I'm sure all of you have come to love!

Did you know you can get merchandise for both of the latest releases at my store? Shirts, Stickers, Coffee Cups, and all sorts of other goodies! Go check it out and get yourself some Bryce Evans merch! While you are at it make sure you Join the official mailing list! All of my mailing list members get first dibs on coupon codes, better coupon codes than I offer to the public! I also give my mailing list members behind the scene content just for being a fan! You get behind the scenes pictures, videos, stories about the songs and so much more! Join in now!  

My new shows page will tell you where you can catch me next! There is a few gigs booked currently and more to come! Don't forget you can book me for your party or event by contacting me at my booking page

I want to thank all of you for helping me get to this point where I can just play music for a living. This is why I'm on this earth. To make music. Thanks for listening! 


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