It's a long way to the top....

Lots of work going on here at Gotham. This won't be the longest blog post I've ever done but I wanted to add something for the month. Currently, I have a new single coming out soon, a massive show I'm planning for on Dec 2. and I'm trying my very best to get songs written and into production for a very massive project coming up for next year. All of this while planning out a tour and still trying to find the right vehicle to run across the country with. Busy, Busy! In the words of AC/DC   "it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll." More true words have never been spoken. 

I had a very cool experience at a show this last weekend. A few of my fans who had seen us play at the same venue came back to see us again. The previous show they saw us at got rained out so we were not able to play our full set. It was nice of them to come back to see us! We have recently started up a  scavenger hunt for our shows and if you find the item in the venue and bring it to the merch booth you win a prize! Well, Steve and Carmen found the item. 

For this show, I wanted to give away something unique. I usually want to do that but don't always have the ability or the item to make it super cool! Well, this time I did. I had a special poster that I had made for my release, "Grindstone" That I had planned on giving away but didn't. I decided to give that away as part of the scavenger hunt this particular evening. Steve and Carmen found the item and when I was done with my set I went and said hello to them. It was so nice to hear that they came back to see us again. I told them about the poster and what was special about it. Would you believe it..... THEY ASKED ME TO AUTOGRAPH THAT BADBOY! WHAT!?!?!? WHAT!?!? I couldn't believe it! I'd never had people want lil' old me to autograph anything. I quickly grabbed a permanent marker and signed away. So Steve and Carmen, Thank you for humbling me. I hope you enjoy the poster and I hope to see you at future shows. Kinda funny that they won a poster for "Grindstone" and that song talks about working until you get what you want even though it seems impossible. Well autographing something is certainly a milestone of grinding on the grindstone! 

Another super awesome thing my fans have done for me, yet again. I even had one of my fans send me a very nice video for inspiration the other day as well. Needless to say that day it was very much needed! I wasn't having a great day and they sent me a video from the amazing singer, Brent Smith. For those of you who don't know, he sings for the supergroup "Shinedown." The video highlighted doing what you want to do in art or music. It was just the thing I needed that day and I appreciate that kind of stuff from my fans regardless of the type of day I'm having. So big thanks to Cindy for sending me that. It made my day. 

What can I say? I have some of the best fans anyone could ask for! 

I want to talk quickly about the upcoming show on Dec 2. We have GA, VIP, AND LIVE STREAM TICKETS AVAILABLE! I would love for all of my fans that live outside of CO to get a ticket to this via Livestream. You all mean the world to me and it would be great to finally put a show on for you! CLICK THIS LINK and go get yours now! 

So much still to do today so I'm gonna keep working but I hope to see you all at the show! Join the mailing list for updates, stay up to date on my social media, and thank you again for supporting the dream!

Talk soon,


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