Hurricanes Update 5/18/22

Hello Everyone! It's time for the update on the newest release. This has been a crazy month all because of this song! 

Before we get into all the goody details I wanted to thank everyone for listening and for all your support. Please remember that there is an official Store and you can get your very own Hurricane Merch Now! I truly appreciate the support and can't be more thankful that I have such great followers and listeners. So thank you! Because of you, this song has reached more heights than I could ever imagine! This is BY FAR my best performing song.....yet there will be a better one, trust me on that. 

It is great to see that It is resonating with so many people. There are listeners from all over the WORLD tuning in saving this song and adding it to their liked playlists! It's great because it means that I am starting to obtain some sort of fan base and I'm so very very very thankful for that. One month closer to going on tour. One day closer to releasing the next song yet to come. Thank you for helping make that happen. I spend WEEKS in the studio working on the music and the final "show" of the release so that people can enjoy something for 5 minutes that does not involve news or politics. Thank you for paying attention because I know that your time, like mine, is valuable. So thank you for spending it on my art. 

Now on with the details: 

Hurricanes is the most successful up to this point. I know I say that every time right? But no, I'm being real. Here are the numbers. 

Hurricanes has been streamed on Spotify 3,962 times as of this evening at 5:55 MST. The song has only been out for 2 weeks and 5 days. I'm sure this number will exceed 5k by the time this month is over. BANANAS I SAY! 

I'm in disbelief! 

Hurricanes has been saved onto liked playlists 224 times! Usually, at the end of a release campaign, the numbers drop but I hope these 224 people keep listening to the song. It does mean something different to everyone so I thank you for showing me that it means something to you!

The largest listener base for this song is from the United States followed by Spain, Greece, Austria, and Australia. surprisingly the United Kingdom came in 11th place for listeners. Usually, the brits are in second place behind the US for listeners base on my songs! No matter, every stream helps no matter the place your country came in! Thanks for the support!

I'm going to go over so many other details about this release and many others in my email campaign that went out today. If you want to get in on more details about what's going on in the world of Bryce, sign up here! I do monthly updates on the music, store, special offers as things progress, and giveaways among many other benefits. Learn exclusive behind the scene secrets about the songwriting process and music videos. Not to mention you can help me, even more, when it comes time to hit the road and find shows that are near you. I will be trying to take in my favorite fans' cities when I start to get out on the road and my email list fans will have a big say in that! What have you got to lose?! Also, find out about the podcast I'm going to be guest-starring on this month! 




Thank you for all the continued support and I can not wait to see what the next one does! 



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