Workin' Hard, Fan Excitement, and Radio Appearances!

Hello everyone! It's time for the monthly blog update! I always update this each month with new information about the ongoings of the music, myself, and my band. 

I am working hard on scheduling shows for next summer's tour. I'm a little early in the game so we only have a few confirmed shows in other states but I have a lot of promising prospects that want me to reach out again at the beginning of the new year! Currently, we have shows in Kansas and North Carolina. I'm currently working on more shows in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Wyoming. There is also talk of getting some shows scheduled in Georgia as well! I know some fans live in Illinois and I am working on that too but that is a hard area to find the right location for my fans as I have quite a few out there. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you out on the road! I wanted to thank all of the fans who helped with their suggestions of venues to play near them. I have reached out to a good bit of those venues and hope to hear back in the coming weeks and months. Scheduling a tour is very difficult and there is SO MUCH that goes into it. It's been a labor of love but I think it will pay off immensely within the next 5 years. So thank you to all who gave me suggestions for venues near you! I appreciate your help! 

There are some awesome developments outside of the tour, however. I have recently been in contact with Denver Open Media and they run a radio show called, "The Kinda Vague Radio Show." They are based in Denver, CO and I submitted one of my songs to them for airplay. They graciously accepted my swill of music and now they want me to make a guest appearance on the show! So I will be on air LIVE this upcoming Thursday 10/13/22. You can listen in on 89.3 HDR if you live in Colorado or 92.9FM in the city limits of Denver. If you happen to tune into 92.9FM and you get a station called, "The Bear" That is not the station. That is a mainstream classic rock clear channel station and I will not be on that. So if you can't find it then head over to and click the Red Button that says "Listen." I will be on air from 7:45 PM-8:15 PM MST. I would love for you all to tune in. Rumor has it I'll be playing an unreleased track on this show. If you are a true fan of mine you won't want to miss this! 

In other exciting news, I'm off to the wonderful Las Vegas Nevada for an entire week next week. What's crazy is, I'm going to meet a fan there! This particular person has been following me around for a very long amount of time now and she is also going to be on vacation as well! She's excited to meet me which is almost a weird and foreign thing for me! I never thought I would get to the point where I would have fans that enjoy my work so much that they want to meet me in person! Pretty cool, especially because she lives in a whole other state! Ahh, the power of today's modern technology of social media! What a wondrous thing when it's not mentally taxing! I'm very excited to meet this person, who knows might end up hanging out with her and her friends for an evening in the big city of lights! Honestly, I'm also ready for a vacation. I have been working hard on music for the past 3 years, and I haven't had an actual vacation as an adult.....ever. Sure I've had some staycations here and there but nothing major. This will be a great time and I cannot wait to be there already! I will most certainly be taking some photos and most likely run into a guitar store while I'm out there! The whole reason I'm going is for the, "When We Were Young" Post Punk festival that is going on. I was lucky enough to purchase tickets when they went on pre-sale. Those of you that know me to know that I LOVE My Chemical Romance and so many other bands that are going to be at that show. I'm crazy excited! 

The new single is finished. I will be submitting that for release this afternoon so more on that will be coming up. Stay tuned! This is a very cool song, one that I think shows off a very small amount of my musicianship but it turned out great. I'm more proud of the mix and the overall feel of this song more than I am anything else. 

There are a bunch of upcoming shows in November for Bryce Evans & The Black Cats. Make sure you get out to one and come support your favorite small musician! Make sure you stay up to date with all the fresh behind-the-scenes content that is coming up this month, show updates, and special deals by joining the mailing list! I offer so much to my fans on the mailing list that I don't offer to anyone else or on social media! Make sure you get on board. I just finished the last promo for September which included an exclusive deal for my members and behind-the-scenes content about some of our last shows that I didn't share anywhere else! 

I look forward to seeing all of you out on the road! Thank you again for your continued support of my music and this journey! See you soon! 




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