Wake Me Up When September Ends....

More like wake me up before September begins! This is my favorite season and 2nd favorite month of the year. It seems that things always go well in the fall for me. So far I've had tons of gigs this season. Now things are starting to slow down as they always do in the colder months. The thing I love now that I have a full-time job as a guitarist is that fall always brings in great crowds to intimate venues. Even before I used music as a means of income I always noticed that people come out to show support for live music even when the weather is cold. It's a sense of belonging and gathering I think. Things we usually get in the wonderful sun at campgrounds or festivals.

For me, fall brings a sense of mystery to the world. When I was a kid the world seemed (and I'm sure was) much colder. The air was crisper and full of wonder back then...seems that feeling has left me now. It also has a very deep connection with my inner teenager. I began to fall in love with rock and roll like most teens at the age of 12 or 13. A grey and black AC/DC shirt a family friend got me, long hair, and an SG I was ready! But...... It was different for me. Rock and roll had a smell, a sound, a vision, an impulse. That impulse is what drives me to make music and inspire others to reach for the stars every day. 

It was different for me because I had THE outlet at my fingertips. Growing up I was an ominous ghost in the hallways of Dog House Music. The movie, "School Of Rock" had just come out and that was all the rage. To me, it was a reality. While most kids were out playing with skateboards, at the swimming pool, and having sleepovers during their summer break I was locked inside the doors of Dog House Music studios. With the movie playing at home at night and my body in the studio during the day, it felt real to me. 

I had a cold awakening after high school graduation. Waking up to the real world of a 9-5 joe job, sleeping 8 hours, and repeating the process was not working for me. What once felt like a dream come true was turned into a false fantasy. For years I struggled with the decision to work instead of embrace my talent and art form.  And then one day I realized It IS a decision. That realization happened during the cusp of fall 2022. 

The moral of the story is? We all have seasons in our life, and in a long-winded description, I think I'm in my growth season. The next available single will speak to the chores of a job that holds you like an anchor as mine did. Something that you believe in so badly but in all reality by the end of your life what did it do for you? Did you waste your most valuable asset? Time? The song asks you that question and shows you the path that it takes you unless you chase what makes your soul happy. More info on the upcoming single can be found on my mailing list! I give my mailing list members special access to behind-the-scenes footage of my music videos and show setup, release dates before the general public, and top secret information on upcoming singles and lots more! 

If you are interested in helping me continue living the life I LOVE please go buy a song, a shirt, or tickets to a show. Small musicians such as myself live off of your entertainment and your love for music. Please support local, live music, and, get yourself something from the store today! It's much appreciated and every dollar helps me move further in the journey. Great things are happening this fall so sign up for the mailing list, get a shirt, and get yourself to a show so you don't miss out on any of the searing hi-octane blues-rock action!

As always thanks for your support. I appreciate all of you! 


~Till next time on the Gotham Blog, 



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