Keep Grinding

Back to work today after a nicely needed vacation. Grindstone has been out for about 4 days now as I write this. It's doing fairly well. The music video views have been growing on Youtube and the streams have been growing on Spotify also. It's a little too early to give a full update on the song but it has been getting great reviews from fans! 

Some of you are telling me, "it's the best song I have come out with so far!" I have also been told that it gives off a Desert vibe! This is so interesting to me because when I wrote the song that is not what I was thinking of. I envisioned a blacksmith in an old pirate shop in the early 1700s sharpening a piece of his craft to make his daily bread. Then I remembered the chain gain and their struggles and that's what helped inspire the song. But a desert island was the last thing on my mind! Interestingly, a few of you came to the same conclusion I got this same opinion from quite a few people! Always interesting how worlds collide like that isn't it? I'm excited for all the fans to start coming together and talking like we are starting to do before releases! If you want to be a part of the Instagram group chat please send me a DM on Instagram and I can ad you! It's a good bit of fun and there are some good conversations had in there! I usually will message everyone within the week of release and talk to them and get everyone excited for the next release! Just more behind-the-scenes content for you to enjoy! 

I looked back through the old posts on this blog and saw some early ones from when I started doing my releasing online and pushing the music. I always started to dream of when I would have just 1000 listeners on Spotify. I remember thinking that it was a great number to target. My last release alone was enough to put me up above 3k monthly listeners. Every time I release a song it's another swipe on the grindstone. One more road was paved. One more metaphor was exchanged from me to a listener. It's hard to always believe that it is working but I truly believe that persistence and patience are the 2 keys to success. I'm investing more money into getting more training on how to progress with my career and how to obtain the goals I am searching to find. One day soon I'll be playing shows out again. I'll be booking them in full. And after I do, I'm coming to you for a show! This has been a goal and any new follower will start to see this. Just have to keep pushing and grinding. 

Doing my best to keep doing what I can for the goal every day. 

I hope you are all chasing those goals. 


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