There used to be a time....

There used to be a time... when I could stand myself. But.....that was long ago and you could call me a different person. The pain we all feel is so tough and sometimes it locks your dreams in Iron cuffs due to the complete mental toll it takes on you. For some of us, the pain is physical and for some it's mental. For some people, it's both. Sometimes you just need help and for some of us, a whisper may feel like a shout for help. This is not always the case but I know I share this sentiment with MANY people. I also feel this is a HUGE part of the LGBTQ+ community. Many of us are more locked in our mental cages of, "what could happen if," or "What will my friends and family think of me?" I believe it begins to take a toll on us over time. This is what the new song is all about. 

I have had my fair share of mental struggles and still do. But over time they have gotten better with the help of other people and means I didn't think I needed at the time. The new single reflects this sentiment. We are not alone and we sometimes just need some help to get out of the problems we are all in. For some of us, the cues we give may feel like massive gun blasts and cannon fire in the air with confetti and fireworks shouting, "Hey look over here! I need some help!" To everyone else, however, it may be a look, whisper, singular word in a sentence of a spoken paragraph upon conversation.  I hope you all like this song because It was written about myself, yes but after playing it for so many people and seeing their reactions to the song I hope you get the same amount of enjoyment from it that I have.  This one came from somewhere else. It has a mind of its own and I've known that about this song from the very day I finished the final draft of the lyrics. It's a living and breathing song and I hope that it resonates with you in some way more than any of my other songs. 

Some other special things are happening with this release. I have multiple music videos lined up for this one, I'm in contact with a PR company about coverage of the song and will have it playlisted in multiple places. If you want to see some behind-the-scenes footage and get more tidbits and an insider's look at the process behind the curtain then go sign up for my Mailing List. It's free, easy, and safe I don't share any of your information with anyone and I don't sell it either. This is so you can learn about my music, and I appreciate you giving me the time and your information to be able to do that so we can bond over the tunes! 

Now, enough of my mumbo-jumbo about the selfless mailing list pitch, back to the song. 

EVERYONE fights mental and physical battles. Everyone has issues that we all have to deal with in our lives from beginning to end. Sometimes all you need is 1 good person by your side to help. Thankfully I have my one person. 

That's what this song is about, Sometimes people can be your life vest and sometimes they can also be your Anker. I hope when you hear this song it brings you some feeling and some connection with your problems. I hope it provides a solution to work through them, so then maybe you too can get out of the hurricanes of your mind and into the blissful field of flowers and sunshine that you deserve. Treat yourself well and take care. I hope you enjoy the new song. 

Stay tuned on my social media and here for an update on the official release of the new song. Don't forget to go join that mailer if you want to get an early release date and a free song. Alright enough out of me, have a wonderful week! 


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