When one door opens....

I wanted to update all you wonderful people on the state of the latest single and how the last song has performed! It's been a great experience planning out this year's singles and how I'm going to release them. I'm not gonna stop any time soon and that's because all of you keep me going! You push me to do my work and it is an amazing motivator! So thank you for that! 

As of today my latest release Hard Times has been spun a total of 174 times. This is second best to my song caged that song has a total of 356 all-time spins but that is a different song altogether. Thank you for listening! I can't express my gratitude enough! Please keep playing the music but most of all share it! Show it to your friends and family! Just 1 person can have a MASSIVE impact on my career so any help is much appreciated! Even if you just listen that's great too and I thank you for the help! 

The newest release is set to come out soon! I will be announcing the release date at the end of this week. Tune into my Instagram page on 3/4/22 to find out when it's gonna drop! I can say this has been a long-awaited song. I will tell the full story (which is not as cool as the song makes it sound) a little later on but I wanted to talk about what it has created. I believe this next release has become the next step in the journey of a solo career. This song was recorded with my former group and It captured a magic moment in my musical history. It showed me some things I had not seen or done and pushed my production value game WAY AHEAD of where it was. I'm thankful for that and the music even though the good times are now past. I'm excited for you to hear it, then head back to my blog to find out more about the story! 

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Thanks for reading everyone. Hope you enjoy the next single. Touchback soon! 



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