Bryce Evans / Bryce Evans and The Black Cats

tour de fource of raw rock and roll power

Hailing from the small town of Erie, Colorado Bryce Evans is a blues-rock legend in the making.  Bryce Has been playing guitar for 20 years in genres such as blues, rock, and alternative rock. Having a style labeled as, "Altblu" or "High-Octane Blues Rock" Bryce Evans blends blues rock with a grundgy 90s and early 2000s rock sound.  

Bryce released his most recent single on most major streaming platforms, "Rail Line Vudu" Available 12/2/2022. 

Bryce Evans and The Black Cats are headed on tour spring and summer of 2023. 



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Press photos

Jeremy Yachik

Jeremy Yachik

Bryce Evans

Bryce Evans

Colin Brown

Colin Brown

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Press / Reviews

      ~  "This hard hitting blues rock power trio are a Tour De Force of raw rock and roll power. Evans has mad guitar skills with a great feel for the groove, his expressive distinct playing style captivates your senses. He has a powerful clear voice that is built for the hard rocking style of music they play." ~Michael Emanuele, Back Stage Flash. Photographer for The Rolling Stones, Samantha Fish, Big Head Todd and The Monsters and many more. Read the full article Here

"Considering that Bryce has been playing music for about 21 years, he’s clearly no stranger to the craft. However he’s really been releasing professionally over the past two years but is already proving to be quite prolific and focused in his releases. Specifically on “Grindstone”, although we’ve linked the lyricism to his personal story and rising the ranks through the music industry, ultimately the message could be found relatable in literally any industry. Unfortunately success doesn’t come overnight, but he’s projecting the optimistic message to keep your head down and grind it out through the tough moments. That’s 100% a vision we can back and one of our most positive takeaways from our multiple listens." ~

"Bryce Evans’ ‘Hurricanes’ demonstrates that he is a musician with extensive composing expertise. ‘Hurricanes’, his single, is a good song that is beautifully and passionately crafted and has acquired the capacity to keep the listener’s attention from beginning to end."


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