Bryce Evans / Bryce Evans and The Black Cats

tour de fource of raw rock and roll power

Getting their start in Denver, Colorado, Bryce Evans has been playing for over 23 years.  Beginning of spring 2022 Bryce put together his band of musicians to play the music they create. Bryce Evans & The Black Cats was born and blasted onto the scene in June of 2022. Early 2023, the band was booked to play the World Famous Whisky A Go-Go in Las Angeles, California among other dates on their summer tour! In 2021 Bryce was endorsed by the KononyKheen Guitar Company out of Russia. Bryce was featured on Denver Open Media's "Kinda Vague Radio Show" in October of 2022. 

Currently, the band has just finished the Spring/Summer Road 1 Tour 2023 and is recording their first studio album. 




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Bryce Evans

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Press / Reviews

"Considering that Bryce has been playing music for about 21 years, he’s clearly no stranger to the craft. However he’s really been releasing professionally over the past two years but is already proving to be quite prolific and focused in his releases. Specifically on “Grindstone”, although we’ve linked the lyricism to his personal story and rising the ranks through the music industry, ultimately the message could be found relatable in literally any industry. Unfortunately success doesn’t come overnight, but he’s projecting the optimistic message to keep your head down and grind it out through the tough moments. That’s 100% a vision we can back and one of our most positive takeaways from our multiple listens." ~

"‘Hurricanes’ has a soft rock vibe to the opening as the guitar flows through the soundscape. There is a bluesy touch to the rock sound as it rolls through you with the feeling of a coming storm. You can almost feel the hint of electricity in the air that precedes a thunderstorm or hurricane. The roll of storm clouds is clear through the verses as it builds to the whipping winds of the chorus. The rock pulses just before the chorus pours down are wonderful and perfectly build the tension that breaks in the chorus. There is a rich texture to the melody that is a pleasure to listen to. The guitar solo later in the track is utter perfection as it brings the wild winds of a storm and the lashing rain."

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